Ashley DiSarro has been a makeup artist for 12 years in New York City. She specializes in the full spectrum of Makeup. Which includes t.v & film, video, beauty, fashion week and special events makeup.

Growing up, Ashley found herself being the person friends and family came to for their makeup and hair needs. Making it the easiest and most obvious choice for her career. With a passion for beauty and a driven mind by the age of 19 she obtained her cosmetology license, estheticians license, and completed special effects makeup school.

Along with working with clients to make them feel beautiful, Ashley enjoys creating characters. Diving into the mind of writers and directors to bring their vision to life. This passion and curiosity for creativity, led Ashley to work with MAC Cosmetics for ten years. During her time at MAC, she was introduced to the world of fashion week. With now over twenty seasons in the books, it is still one of Ashley’s favorite time of the year.

Ashley is not only inspired by outward beauty, but inward beauty as well. She understands life in the big city can be fast and busy even for herself. She focuses on creating a balanced environment by practicing yoga and continually studying in the field of going inwards. She has obtained a 500 hour advanced yoga training and attends specialized workshops. She utilizes this as another essential tool in the experience of her clients, so that they can create a strong connection between inner and outer beauty.

“Everyday I’m reminded of my great passion: Making people feel beautiful inside and out” Ashley


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