Balanced Beauty




I'm Ashley DiSarro and welcome to my world of BALANCED BEAUTY that is  fully dedicated to making everyone of my clients feel beautiful not only on the outside...but on the inside as well. 

I have always believed that the makeup looks I've designed with my clients are only purposeful when they are created around the beauty that is felt on the inside.  With that mindset it has been an important part of my journey to attain my Yoga Teacher certification so that I can dive a bit deeper beyond the surface and work with my clients to harness their journey of both inner + outer beauty.



inner beauty

Inward bliss is perhaps one of the most powerful journeys through inner beauty we get to experience in this my opinion.  We all consist of light + energy that surrounds us and we are regularly sharing this with others, and vice versa.  Through this journey I work with my clients to create a practice that speaks to them and explore the beautiful world with in them.  And allow them to get further in touch with who they are + where they want to be in their personal practices and lives.



outer Beauty

Where it all began.  I could easily say this has been apart of my life since day one.  Makeup + Hair is how I believe we have always adorned ourselves with war paint to the outer world.  And this was always mystifying to me.  Through my services it is my firm belief that we design a look that you wear...the products DO NOT wear you.  Coupled with my experience in yoga I take my clients through a service that allows them to feel confident and ready to take on their event or day once we have applied their look.